Man Tries to Misbehave with Girl in China

China, a shameful act happened to the girl while she was using an elevator in a Mall. The footage of the incident was recorded by the CCTV camera placed in the elevator. The girl was brave enough to cope up with the situation happened to her. A man entered the lift when that lady was also there; nobody was present except the lady and that man.

A famous mall of China happened to the place where that incident happened. The lady entered the lift while there was nobody present in the elevator. At the same time a man also stepped into the lift. The footage could be seen as it was being recorded by the CCTV camera. At the start the lady pressed the button to go up on the floor while the man stayed behind her.

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It looked all well as nothing suspicious was noticed at that place but as they both reached on the desired floor, the door was opened and they both wanted to go out of the elevator. The girl went ahead to get out of the life but at the same time man tried to pull her back in the elevator and did not allow that lady to go out. The man tried to snatch her bag and wanted to go away.

In China usually this kind of incident has never happened but this was the most shameful act happened in the life with the girl. The footage made by the CCTV camera went viral on the electronic media and it was shared on the social media as well.

The man in China in that elevator wanted to snatch her bag but he never expected the reaction of that Chinese girl. The lady reacted very sharply as she had the art to defend herself. The female lady was smart enough and kicked the man who tried to snatch her bag. She then brought her down on his knees and kept on hitting him hard. The man got scared and succeeded to escape from her.

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