Man Gets Attacked Near Beach Resorts

Man got attacked near beach resorts by the huge shark in front of many tourists but they could not do anything until life guards of the seashore department came and rescued him from the mouth of the deadly animal. This incident became the top news for all the news channels and also it became the top news on internet as well.

Beautiful beach resorts were built near that seashore so tourists from all around the globe could have international facilities and enjoy their weekend holidays. It was the most amazing view that could be seen from the buildings built nearby. The tourists including ladies, men and children had come to have fun at the seashore.

Suddenly as one of the ladies was filming the video of his family got shocked when a huge shark behind her attacked her family member and caught him with its. Everybody present there also got scared with huge animal likes of shark appeared from the sea. They all were amazed and called for the help from the life guards present near the seashore.

Beach resorts were also crowded with the international tourists who had been staying there since the last week as the weather was awesome from the last week or so. Due to the dangerous attack of the shark at the man, people had started to run to the safe place away from the seashore as they thought that the big animal might come again and attack them as well.

Department of beach resorts had sent their life guards there in no time and they managed to save the guy from the attack from the huge animal. The news was amazing for all the tourist who wanted to also come at this seashore but after that incident many had started to choose some other places for the weekend.

Dangerous Shark Eats Man Outside Beach Resorts

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