Man Asks Stupid Questions to Female Students

Stupid question was asked to the female and male students by a funny guy on the roads of Mumbai. The guy acted like an alien and started asking different people about some ways to the metro bus. All the people believed him to be an alien man and behaved in a very cooperative way. They all thought him to be a person who did not know their language.

Question was simple about knowing the way to the bus station. But the boy made it funny by asking it in his own language other than they speak. All the girls and boys who were helping him out by making him understand his answers in English and by gestures got fooled by the funny guy as he did it intentionally. However, the college students including boys and females enjoyed it.

The reality was known to all the female students and the boys when the funny guy started to take a fake call on his phone in his mother language English and Hindi. Then the rest of the people realized that they have been fooled by the funny guy who was just doing a prank on his hidden cam. The all were feeling ashamed as they thought him to be an alien.

Jolly boy asked simple questions of knowing the way to the bus station by pretending to be someone who do not know English and Urdu. The young and beautiful couples were also enjoying by making this man understand the language of an alien. He stopped fooling them by acting as if someone called him up and he started replying in his local language which everybody knew.

Firstly the questions looked complicated to the whole bunch of girls and boys as they could not understand what the jolly man tried to ask. But then they completely realized that they had no other option of making him understand by giving him some hand gestures. They all started laughing when they got to know that they were being fooled.

Stupid Questions Asked from College Students

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