Mama Rabbit Saves Its Baby from Snake

A rabbit mother saved its baby from the snake when that big snake was about to eat it as it was alone in there. Snake searched all over on the grass when it was hungry and wanted to eat something. Suddenly it found a baby rabbit in the forest. The little animal of wildlife was alone while its mother went too in search of some meal for her baby.

The mama rabbit did not expect her baby to be attacked by a deadly animal like a dangerous snake. The snake wanted to take full advantage of the baby to make the baby animal its meal. The snake darted at that baby animal and revolved its whole body around that baby. The baby animal did not know anything to save itself from the big and dangerous reptile.

The snake of the wildlife had a strong grip on the baby and it could have easily swallowed it but right at that moment baby’s mother got to know her baby was in danger as she was coming back to feed it. The animal small animal of the wildlife just attacked back at the snake and grabbed its body with full power.

The mama rabbit used its full force to bite the whole body of the reptile which almost killed its baby. The hare fought really hard to rescue her baby from the grip of the snake. The snake did not expect such revenge from the hare. It just released the baby hare and tried to flee from the situation. But the mother of the baby hare seemed very annoyed.

The rabbit went after the snake as it was running away from her just to save its life. The mama hare was really annoyed as she just wanted to take full revenge of her baby which was too small to be attacked by big snake. This fight of the wildlife was the amazing fight ever seen.

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