Malinga Gets Fooled by Devilliers Near Hotel Europe Playa Marina

Malinga Gets Fooled by Devilliers Near Hotel Europe Playa Marina. The incident happened in the sensational IPL match that attracted many viewers. The bowler was trying to restrict the fine batsman of South Africa who was batting really well. He was hitting every batsman with so much ease that the bowler had to do anything to contain the batsman. South African Batsman was the most popular batsman in the IPL. He fooled the bowler by giving himself room but the bowler followed him and bowled him on his legs.

Lasith Malinga was one of the dangerous bowler in the IPL competition since he used to bowl yorker on any ball. He took many wickets with his yorker deliveries. On the other wise Ab Devilliers was one of the batsmen who was in supreme touch in the IPL competition. During the IPL matches his record as batsman suggested that no bowler was able to beat him with his technique and pace.

Ideal bowler could have bowled the perfect line and length to the off stumps if any player stepped back and gave room to play the ball. Ab Devilliers decided to do the same to use kind of innovation to the bowling of Sri Lankan bowler. Sri Lankan bowler thought of aiming at the legs of the South African batsman since he showed his intentions before the bowler reached near to the stumps.

Lasith Malinga bowled at the leg stumps so that the batsman could miss out the line and length of the ball. The batsman Ab Devilliers was sharp enough come back to his normal position. The batsman let the ball go to the wicket keeper. Umpire called it a wide ball and the whole stadium started to laugh at the activity of the batsman. The players watching IPL match live in the stadium also laughed.

Lasith Malinga Gets Fooled

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