Magician in Las Vegas Surprises People by Flying

Magician in Las Vegas the city of United States that was popular due to its amazing people and buildings, amazed the residents by flying in the air like birds without any support from building to building. People who followed him on the roof of the building also captured the whole footage with their own hands courtesy the spectator point of view camera.

Those tricks in Las Vegas have been quite popular as the magician has been doing such amazing tricks in the Private channel of United States. They had watched him on the entertainment channel many times but this was the first time they had seen him live while flying and walking in the air from one building to the other building.

United States has many tall buildings there and the magician chose one of the tallest buildings of the city that has some distance from the other building. He took some of the spectators with him on the roof and asked them to shoot the whole incident with their hands and never let them know what he was going to do next.

People of Las Vegas were really amazed and excited to see the amazing skills of the magician and they kept on watching him and shooting with the camera. The spectators got really shocked when the magician stepped out of the roof and started to fly like bird in the air. They could not believe their eyes. Other people who were walking on the floor also kept on looking at him.

City of Las Vegas never had experienced such trick that was done by any of the magician of United States. He kept on flying in the air like he walked on some kind of rope towards the other building. People could see him flying from the ground floor. The magician then told everybody that he used the phenomenon of Levitation.

Famous Magician Flies in Las Vegas

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