Magician Flies in Air in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the city of United States where a magician surprised everyone when flew in the air like birds from building to building and people also recorded the incident with the camera that was called spectator point of view. The famous magician has been residing in United States and has been showing different tricks to the public.

Latest incident in Las Vegas amazed the people as they could not believe what the magician was supposed to do on the roof of tall building. A private channel also has been showing his program in which he has shown many tricks in the past. The magician never had any doubts in his abilities to amaze the people of United States.

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He along with some of the spectator went on the top of the building and asked everybody to be ready for some unbelievable scenes they must have never seen in their whole lives. The magician handed over the camera to the people who also followed him on the top of the roof of the huge building. He asked them to record the whole video with their own selves.

City of Las Vegas has seen lots of unique incidents with so many amazing people in the United States but this was the different sorts of incident that took the heart of the people as they were really stunned on the magician when he started to fly in the air. The magician stepped out of the roof and started to fly towards the other building.

Buildings of Las Vegas were quite high and there was long distance between them. People standing on the floor could see the magician flying in the air like he was standing and walking on some kind of rope from one building to another building. The magician told the people of United States that the phenomenon that was used by him for flying was called Levitation.

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