Madinah Marriott Hotel News Surprises Pilgrims

Madinah Marriott Hotel surprised news surprised the whole world including the pilgrims who had gone for the tour of Haj during the season. They all witnessed something really good from their  that were part of the  built in the city. The guests did not get any chance to see for the since it was not done in that country. During the rainy season other packages including  for the tours to  along with another amazing place of  was not demanded.

The staff members of the Madinah Marriott Hotel could not believe until they went on to see by themselves that the appearance of the Masjid was seen by the guests. The video was then uploaded and shared by one of the pilgrims who had come there. The video showed clearly that the clouds became to give some appearance of the sacred Masjid.

The guests lived in Madinah Marriott Hotel and they said that their stay in the  of Madina was more joy able than the stay they had in other parts of the world during the and  holiday along with the  and . It was quite amazing to see the low .

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