Lovers Get Treated in Arab Hotels

Young lovers near  Arab Hotels got the bad treatment in when they tried to run away for marriage purpose. They wanted to have wedding wed locked but villagers of that village did not want them to marry. People of that village had gone to apartments that had resorts and also to honeymoon destination, spa and beach destination using cheap flights ,wanted them to marry according to the choice of their parents. Villagers decided to show them and the whole village a lesson so they hanged them on the tree.

Arab Hotels officials assured the villagers that the bodies will be taken to the hospital for the experiment. They wanted to know whether it was attempted mistake by the young girl and boy or was it treatment given by the villagers. Villagers said that they never knew anything about such apartments, spa, resorts, honeymoon destination, beach destination and cheap flights , the couple being treated badly by the villagers.

Villagers tried to not get involved in any sorts of inquiry near Arab Hotels . Policemen were really keen to find the hard fact about the young couple. It was quite surprising for the NGOs when they watched that video on the social media. They raise their voice for the human rights and decided to go for the protest so that the other people could live secure life.

Such Arab Hotels incidents never happened in the life before and it had approached the officials too. The amazing nears of apartments, resorts, honeymoon destination, beach destination, spa and cheap flights.

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