Live Mermaid Captured by French Scientists

French Scientists surprised the people of France and all over the world when they managed to capture the live mermaid and by displaying it to the general public. People from different countries had visited there to see the live mermaid as this was the rare moment for everyone. Many stories had been broken earlier about the discovery of real mermaid in the past.

The French Scientist managed to make it real for the people of France as they were quite happy and shocked at the same moment. Children including women and old people from different cities had reached at the place where the real mermaid was captured for display. It was quite a proud moment for the people of France as they had to get this award.

Many videos were recorded by the people who had come there and they had shared the videos on the social media. Media people had also arrived including journalists from international countries as well to televise the pictures and videos so that many people could see such creature for the first time. The Government of France had advise everybody not to do anything wrong to that mermaid.

The French Scientists managed to find out the history of the real mermaid by the appearance of it. They wanted to know about more such creatures on this planet as this was the first time in the history of France and the world that such creature was seen live by everybody courtesy the cameras. The real mermaid also looked satisfied as it was looking alright in the water display.

French scientists got fame through the discovery of this real mermaid in France but their prior experience was to analyze the creature of water likes of whale, sharks and other sea creatures. They were also quite educated in their fields of research.

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