Little Mermaid Gets Treated by American Doctor

American doctor treated a Peruvian girl named as Milagros Cerron, who was born in a rare condition. She looked like a little mermaid with her feet bond together from toes to the groin. She belonged to a poor house in Peru. The little girl was known as little princess in her community because of her unique looks just like mermaid.

She was given treatment by American doctor thrice in last five years and she had successful operations which managed to separate her legs to the groin. All the family members have been very pleased with the progress of the little princess. She has been adored by all the family members and also by the whole media. The little girl was given coverage on local media and international media as well.

She was named as Milagros Cerron, where the first name means miracles and the last name means the little mermaid. Her parents have been very pleased as they believe that their girl is none less than a blessing of God for them. The little girl has been improving very well since her last treatment and now at the moment she has turned 5 years old now.

The American doctor has also operated another girl who had the same condition when she was born. That girl has turned seventeen now and has been feeling as normal as anybody could. This news may look a fantasy story to some as people have only heard such news about mermaids in the surreal world only.

American doctor told media that still there is long way to go for the little princess as she might need to go through some more operations. The video and pictures of this little mermaid have been spreading on social media as she has been born with a rare condition. She has now started to walk like her other age fellows.

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