Lion Gets English Man

Lion Gets English Man when he was playing with it. It jumped on to his friends who then just ran to escape but could not do so as they were barriers all over. The lion was a pet animal of the elite member of the royal family. He has kept that animal for many months that was the reason the lion did not attack him.

English Man took great care of the pet lion since he was very fond of having pet animals in the house. His friends also liked his lion but they never went towards it since they were really scared of it. Friends of his had to run away as the elite member of the Royal family started to have fun with them. He knew that the lion would not harm his friends still the lion kept on irritating them.

Recent footage of English man was taken from the mobile of the friends. At the start of the footage, the friends of the royal family members started to enjoy with the pet lions. After sometimes the lions kept on jumping at the friends. Friends called for help but nobody came there to rescue from the dangerous lions.

English Man and Lion

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