Lion Attacks Female Trainer in Egypt

Lion of the circus while doing some tricks with its female trainer attacked her with its paws in the country of Egypt. The incident happened during the circus show which was organized by the management of the circus committee. They had two giant animals in the cage with the female trainer despite of the fact that the animals could be very tricky and dangerous.

That particular line was sitting calmly in the cage during the circus show that was being watched by lots of people who had come from different places to see the circus of the animals in Egypt. Government of Egypt had permitted them to use the animals during the circus show provided nobody got hurt by the animals.

The female trainer of the Egypt has been working with both the animals for quite long time and was able to get lots of chemistry with the dangerous animals. The female trainer of Egypt has been doing those tricks in the circus for many years and had been working with the animals of all the types but she never expected the attack from one of the animals.

The lion during the circus never let the female trainer in the country of Egypt to have any idea of it being so dangerous. The lady was waving to the crowd and was getting appreciated by the crow that had been presented very vocal there. The time she was waving to the viewers from the cage in front of the animals, one of the animals unexpectedly rushed towards her and attacker her badly.

Dangerous lion was irritated by the motions of the female trainer of the Egypt and it might have got offended. It certainly jumped on to her and made her fell down on the floor in the cage. The lady never expected such attack and got shocked. Other supporting staff entered the cage and rescued her from the animals.

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