Lion Attack at Owner

Lions of animal planet attacked the Rhino that was roaming around in the forest in search for the water. Rhino despite of its big physique has been attacked and has become victim of the King of the forest. This recent incident of the Rhino getting attacked by the big lions was different to the previous incidents since this time Rhino fought back at the king of the forest.

Animal planet was full of lions that tried to catch the big animal from all around but they could not believe at it responded back with full power and scared all the lions. They all thought that it might be the same case as it has been happening with Rhino in the past but this Rhino was very strongly built and despite of being alone did not lose hope in itself.

All the lions attacked the lonely Rhino and thought that they might succeed in few minutes but the fight was prolonged as the big animal never let them eat it. It kept on struggling for its survival and in the end it was able to make lions run away. The big Rhino was strongly built and it had all the power in the world.

This incident of animal planet turned out to be the defeating place for the kings of the forest that never expected this response from the lonely Rhino. Every time all the lions came to attack it, it fought back hard due to his physique that never allowed any of the lions of attack and have a strangle hold of its teeth on it.

This fight of animal planet was truly an amazing from the giant animal whose family members had become the meal of the lions but this giant animal defended itself and attacked back at the king of the forest. All the lions present at in the forest decided to go back to their own houses.

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