Life Insurance Right of Old Man Gets Lost

Life insurance right of the old man was lost since the driver rolled his car over him in the night. The incident took place in Peshawar where the culprit man along with his companion were caught red handed by the people standing there. They gathered around the car in which both driver and lady were accused of doing bad act with the kid in the car.

Old man was standing in front of car who did not have life Insurance. He could not stay out of the way of the car as the driver and the lady wanted to escape from the situation. People were not letting them go but the driver started to speed up the car no matter who was in front of the car. Old man was standing in front of the car but the driver kept on driving and the old man got under the wheel of the car.

The incident was quite surprising and shocking to the people of that lane when they watched the old man under the Tyres of the cars. The video was quite strange since nobody could believe the driver hit the man and rolled the car over the body of the old man.

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