Life after Death: Man Gets Punishment

Death is the bitter reality of life for every human being who is alive on this world. Everybody is supposed to get his reward of whatever he has done on his journey to this world which is a temporary one. It all depends on the deeds of the people they have done in this world. If they lived their lives according to Allah then it is going to be all good otherwise Man is going to get punished in his grave too.

People who believe in God they have faith in life after death too. Allah has already written in the Quran about the consequences of the deeds. Every human being who breathes in this world regardless of the religion, gender, age and color has to die and have to face the questions in their graves. Graves of the pious people are not going to get any harm to their dead bodies unless the ones who disobeyed Allah.

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A short video clip has been made to describe the life after death and what happens in the grave after the man is buried. It has been made according to the information which has been told by the creator of this world. So the people should realize the facts about their graves and the next world as well when they are no more in this world.

Scientists have done many researches on the human’s life before they are born but these are based on hypothetical statements. Though Muslims do believe in their God and what has been said by Him and told by the Quran and the Messengers. In which it is clearly written that the every living soul on this earth is going to die and going to be questioned for their deeds on Judgment day.

Graves of pious people are not going to punish them as they must have lived their life according to the teachings of Islam and God. And the graves of the people are going to be ruthless for the people who disobeyed Allah. They have to go through all the punishments which have already been told to them courtesy Allah’s Holy book Quran and His messengers.

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