Life after Death: Grave Punishes Man

Human life is a great blessing of God for human being and everybody is supposed to be punished in their grave if their deeds are not according to Allah and his Prophet (PBUH). Allah has told human being courtesy the sacred book Holy Quran about the punishments of the graves for their wrong deeds and not living as guided.

Scientists have made some documentaries and researches on life before the birth but these are based on assumptions. No person has ever been able to tell anyone about what happens after the departure of his soul from this world to the other world. Even with the technology of today the scientists have been unable to tell about the judgment day.

However the creator of this world Almighty Allah has described everything in Holy book about this life and what would happen after death. Every soul on this earth which is alive, in the shape of animals, birds or humans is supposed to be answerable to their deeds. The rewards and punishments will be decided on whether they spend their lives according to Quran and Sunnah or not.

Whoever has lived his life against the will of Allah and His Messengers, he or she will face great punishment in the grave. A short video documentary has been made of the punishments of the grave to the people who disobeyed Allah. So that people get to know that what is supposed to happen when they go to their graves if they have not done good deeds in this world.

It has been clearly mentioned in the Holy book that on judgment day the dead bodies are going to get life again and they have to answer all the questions about their journey on this world while they were alive. It is believed that at the time of burial of the dead body in the grave, the angels start to query about their deeds and their judgment day starts from that time.

The Judgement Day Starts from Grave

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