Leopard Gets Caught in India

Leopard Gets Caught in India near the village in India and it attacked and injured nearly fifteen people in that incident. This animal of the animal planet has been found in large numbers in the Indian forest as there are lots of forests in India. There have been many cases that have become the breaking news of the news channels when these wild animals entered the village.

Big tiger escaped from the forest and entered in the fields near the residential area of a small village in India. All the villagers wanted to catch that wild animal of the animal planet so that they could live freely in the village without any fear. They all gathered near the fields to catch that leopard that had escaped from the near forest.

Villagers with small sticks were present in an open area near the fields and started to burn the fields with the fire. As they started doing so they thought the big cat of the wildlife might go back to the forest. But the reality turned out to be very dangerous as the wild animal came out of the fields and started to attack villagers in effort for escaping from the situation.

The wild and furious tiger did not know where to go but it tried to run in every direction to get rid of the villagers who were present there in all direction. Nearly fifteen villagers including children and men got injured during that incident. After escaping from the situation the big cat entered in a small hut in the village.

The tiger managed to hide itself in that hut and thought it could escape from the villagers. In the mean time the villagers called the officials of the forestry and wildlife department. Their men reached the place in time with their tools to catch the furious animal. They used their all equipments to catch that animal. The dangerous animal did hurt an official in the process when he tried to catch. But in the end the villagers thanked God for saving their lives.

Furious Tiger Attacks Villagers

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