Leopard Gets Bad Treatment

Leopard Gets Bad Treatment in India when it was hiding itself in the fields near the residential area. Leopards have been living in the forests in India in large quantity. Many people have been residing near the forests in the villages. Many incidents have been reported that due to the nearest residential areas had to face the attack of the leopards and other animals.

A wild tiger happened to enter in the fields near the residential area. The villagers got terrified of that furious wild animal of animal planet. They all decided to get rid of it by burning those fields as they thought that then the animal of the forest could run away and the villagers could live happily.

The incident was recorded by mobile phones of some of the villagers and the video of that incident of leopard attacking the villagers went viral on the social media and on the electronic media as well. As all the villagers gathered near the fields to get rid of the wild big cat of the animal planet by putting fire in it, the furious animal came out of the fields and attacked back the villagers.

The wild tiger wanted to escape from that place and it was doing it by attacking the villagers as they all had covered the whole place where the leopard was hiding. In the mean time the animal of the forest which was also known as big cat, injured as many as seven villagers. Many children and ladies also got injured.

Running tiger then eluded from there and entered in the small hut in the village. The officials from the forestry and wildlife department were called by the villagers so that it did not hurt any more villagers. The officials of the wildlife department and forestry department had arrived in time with their required tools to save the villagers from that wild animal.

Video Link : http://paktelegraph.com/ZCRvx

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