Leaked Video of News Anchor Goes Viral

Leaked video of News anchor went viral on the social media when all her friends started to record video from their mobile phone just before the live transmission of the news headlines. This incident took place in the studio of the private news channel. The lady looked very casual while talking to her male friends who also worked in the same news channel.

Activities of news anchor with her friends of the same news channel was watched by so many people belonged to the media when one of the male friends started recording video through his mobile phone. They all looked so casual during their talks with each other in the studio. The recording of the news headlines was delayed.

There have been other videos that went viral on the social media due to the funny moments happened during the leaked videos. This leaked video also surprised people when the staff of the news channel was having fun with the lady who was alone in the studio. The video showed that how casual they all have been working with each other.

Language of news anchor was so casual and she was so frank with all the staff members of the news channel they all the men present in the studio wanted to have fun with the lady. They all tried to be very frank with the lady before the headlines of the news channel.

Another video of News anchor was leaked when she was misbehaving with the makeup artist during the recording of the program. She was angry on the makeup artist since she believed that her work was not up to the standard of the news channel. That incident also happened in the studio and the video of the incident was leaked by the camera man who worked there for long time.

News Anchor Activities

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