Leaked Video of Media Anchors Goes Viral

Female anchors and some male hosts of private channels got exposed when their leaked video went viral on social media. Some of the female hosts of morning shows and current affairs belonged to the media group of some private news channels shocked everybody when their vulgar and immoral pictures were seen by media and viewers on social media.

The female anchors included the famous morning program host was seen in vulgar dress on the beach and in her room of the hotel. The viewers complained about them for not allowing them to host any morning program or current affair show. When the famous female host of entertainment channel of media group was inquired about her immoral pictures, she replied that nobody was allowed to talk about her private life.

Another famous current affair program’s host was also seen having party with her foreign friends in vulgar dress. Viewers were quite surprised at her immoral and shameful dress in the leaked video. People in the media group have been often seen in these controversial news and stories.

A male anchor who has also been giving lectures of etiquette to the people on a private news channel in a talk show was seen with a lady when he was on a foreign tour. This was not the first time their real faces have been exposed, it has happened in the past as well. These people have been analyzing on the personal lives of so many politicians and famous people but this video has in fact exposed them.

Many female anchors were also seen in vulgar dress when they were having fun on foreign tours with their friends during their holidays. There outfits were as similar as of those taking sunbath on the beaches. They never cared about the media or the viewers of the news channels they have been working for.

Pakistani Anchors Real Faces

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