Leaked Video of Civil Judge Dance Party Shocks Society

A civil judge of honorable court embarrassed the whole nation when his video of dance party leaked along with his colleagues. The civil society got really angry after having seen such activity of the honorable members of the esteemed institutions. That activity of those members of the court lost the faith of the people in the justice system of the country.

The video of the civil judge of the court was leaked by someone present there in the dance party and never let them notice that their video of dance was being recorded by the mobile phone. Some people said that both the persons were quite drunk and they did not know what was happening with them. They both were having fun with the girls and the girls were making them dance like mad people.

This shocking incident of the dance party has really raised some questions about the decisions of the courts and their justice. People have lost faith in the justice system as they believed the decision could never be fair if the honorable members have been caught dancing in the parties just before the hearing of the petition.

Civil judge has been the important member of the honorable institution of any country and many such people have been quite conscious about their outings in the society as they knew that they have been hired on some important positions in the justice system of the country. Media group of news channels have been searching for such news for the sake of their ranking.

This incident of civil judge getting caught doing embarrassing stuff was not the first incident that was reported in the history of justice system and court. Many such incidents have happened in the past where such honorable members of the court were caught having fun the girls in the night club parties.

Civil Judge Gets Caught Dancing

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