Leaked Video of American Soldier Shocks Muslim Community

Leaked video of American soldier shocked Muslim communities all over the world. That video showed the real faces of US army men who have been hired in the region of Iraq to bring peace and save the people of Iraq from the people who have been disturbing peace in the region. In that video a group of US army men were seen doing shameful acts with the girls and women of Iraq.

An American soldier was seen abusing and doing bad act with the girls while they were going to their college. Those girls happened to be very innocent but the two soldiers deployed near the camp of the US army, took one of the young girls to the camp and started to misbehave with that girl. The other little girl with the bag also was searched thoroughly by the soldier standing outside the camp.

It was one of the most shameful acts that were disclosed by the US army man who did not like the cheap act of the soldiers. The people of Iraq especially women and girls also demanded to take away their US army men from their country. These sorts of incidents have happened before too but none of the police officer had the courage to call it a sin.

That American soldier was still not penalized however the video of that incident clearly showed his real face. The people of Iraq have been protesting against the US army for quite a long time but still these soldiers have not been brought back to the United States.

This immoral act of American soldier as shown in the short video clip was clearly seen yet he has denied all the facts that have been clearly seen in the footage. Many of the Muslim communities all around the world have asked the leaders of the Muslim countries to raise this question at the global level so that girls and women of Iraq could live according to their free will.

American Soldier Gets Caught Doing Shameful Act

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