Land sliding Jolts Hunza Valley

Land sliding jolted Hunza valley and caused many causalities. This incident happened when the whole country including neighboring countries Afghanistan and India were also shaken by the earthquake of high magnitude. The footage of that dangerous incident in the Hunza Valley was captured by one of the person who was present there.

Shocking land sliding in the Hunza Valley could be seen very clearly as the glaciers coming down from top to the bottom with great force. Due to that dangerous earthquake the roads of Hunza Valley have been blocked and people have been limited to their homes. Area near the glaciers has been affected badly.

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The video of the earthquake and the glaciers coming down from the top of the mountains really terrified everybody whoever watched it. The shocking loud voices of the glaciers breaking and coming down described the whole intensity of the earthquake that jolted that part of the world badly. This has not been the case for the first time when Hunza valley got affected, it happened in 2005 as well.

That land sliding incident also took many lives in the previous earth quake that jolted the northern area in 2005. It was the worst incident till that time but the latest earthquake shocked the whole world as it was the worst earthquake than the earlier one in 2005. Hunza valley has been blessed with beautiful mountains.

Video of land sliding that caused the blockage of the roads in the Hunza valley showed how intensive that incident of earth quake was. Hunza valley has very large mountains and in the winter these were covered with the snow and turned into glaciers due to the winter season. The recent earth quake caused the glaciers to break down and come down in between the roads that had troubled many people to continue living there.

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