Lady Doctor Speaks Openly in TV Show

Lady Doctor in TV show on a news channel spoke some bold words which were quite immoral for the viewers. The video of that program went viral on every news channel and lots of complaints were registered against that lady and the anchor of the program as well. The program of the news channel was supposed to have discussion about the different diseases caused by the usage of mobile phones.

The words of the Lady Doctor in the TV show were bold enough. The host himself has been very bold in his wordings regarding the politics but this video that showed the vulgar words by the guest disrespected his credibility also. When the anchor was recording the program with the guest on the news channel, the lady guest spoke some words which were not suitable.

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The discussion on the news channel was going on with the subject of some different diseased due to the excess usage of mobile phone in this new era. Mobile phone usage has been in great excess among the new generation. This excess of mobile phone usage has been seen more in Asian countries as compared to European countries due to the cheaper packages in the mid night.

Lady Doctor during the TV show told the anchor who asked questions about the late night calls that have been huge among the young girls and boys. The guest of the news channel program told some strange facts about the late night calls. She revealed that I have been telling to my female students that never get married to the boys who have been calling girls on the late nights for many hours as this thing can cause the health of the boys.

The lady Doctor has been quite bold in the TV show. The anchor asked again the guest that she just said as the host could not believe the fact that was told by the female sitting in front of her. The lady explained that the boys who have been making calls to girls for long hours could have problems with their married life.

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