Lady Deceives the Gold Jeweler

It was a normal working day in the gold jewelry market when the shopkeeper just opened his shop and cleaned it. A lady entered his shop and wanted to buy some gold ornaments especially ear rings. She asked the shopkeeper to show her some ear rings from the display rank. The shopkeeper turned towards the rank and took it from there.

The woman who entered in the gold jewelry shop was very attractive and by her looks never gave an impression of some sort of weird activity. She started engaging the man in talks by her lovely way of talking. The man was also hypnotized by her beauty. The lady then asked the shopkeeper to put that ear ring in her ear by himself. This was done in no time by the man.

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The gold jeweler was so involved in her beauty that he was totally unaware of the fact that she could deceive him as well. The pretty woman then asked jeweler to pack the ear ring. While he turned back to put that sample in the rank the lady stole a gold necklace from his display counter and put it in her bag which remained unnoticed by the shopkeeper until this video was seen after her departure.

Since gold ornaments are very expansive so buying and selling of gold jewelry is a very sensitive matter so the buyers and gold jewelers have to be very active so that no body steals any ornament from the shops. Mostly these expansive ornaments including necklace, ear rings, and wrist watches are bought by the ladies since they are known to get discounts from the shopkeepers by arguing about the prices.

Mostly it is quite normal thing to have CCTV cameras fixed placed at jewelry shop and gold jeweler is supposed to be vigilant all the time whenever any buyer comes to their shops. One of shocking video was captured in that camera of an incident in which a lady deceived the shopkeeper by her charming and attractive movements.

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