Lady Changes Her Gender after Medical Treatment

A lady after medical treatment changed her gender and started to play a role in the society as a man. It turned out to be a weirdest of the news that went viral on social media and electronic media. The lady started to feel some changes in her body which she never told anyone until she turned twenty two. Then she went to the doctor who after her body examination asked her to change her gender.

Medical tests were recommended for her so that she could live her remaining life as a man. She was born as baby boy and was named as a baby boy. She lived her initial life as a girl before converting her gender and no one ever thought of her to be come up as somebody as a man. When she was twelve, she started to feel some changes in her gender which she had to take notice of.

The young girl then informed her parents of the sudden changes in her body. At start they were quite shocked to hear such news but then realized and got her checked from a female medical doctor. She confirmed the metamorphism in young girl’s body and asked for the change in gender. The father of the girl while giving interviewing was excited and dejected at the same time.

Medical treatment was carried out for the early stages but the doctor had recommended her for the tests which needed to be carried out for the complete procedure. The father on his interview to the news channel was excited for his offspring to be a man who could help him for livelihood. But at the same time he was sad as for the treatment purposes he needed lot of money for meeting the expenses.

Medical care required for the complete change of gender for that young girl into man required money that the family of the girl did not afford. So till now she has been taking medicines only recommended by the doctor and hasn’t gone for the operation. But apparently she has started to wear men garments and act as a boy too by helping her father in earning.

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