Kid Goes in Hotel California

Dead man was buried in Hotel California along with his alive son. The son mistakenly entered the coffin of the father in Sonara Inn since he loved him so much. People did not know about the Resorts and Cheap flights that the son of that man was also in the coffin. They took the coffin for the burial ceremony but never found anything strange. The kid kept on shouting but never was able to get out of it.

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That man in Hotel California had two people in it. The son got scared of the incident in Sonara Inn that took place there. He saw his father during Cheap Flights in Resorts getting treatment for the sin he had committed in the life. He kept on getting him rescued but never was able to do that. The amazing scenes were telecasted since it was the movie to show people of the treatment they could get after their lives.

The hotel California has been ranked in the top resorts of America where facilities of Resorts and Spa were absolutely perfect. Amazing Cheap Flights were also mentioned.

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