Katrina Kaif Wishes to Convert to Islam

Katrina Kaif wished to be converting to Islam according to the funny clip of a private news channel that shared the funny clip of the headlines of the news. Other actor and director of Indian film industry were also reported to talk in favor of Islam. All the actors and the film director took that news as the funny one and did not mind watching it.

As per Katrina Kaif she has acted in some movies where her role was a Muslim lady and she tried to act in the movie according to the culture of Islam and wanted to be real Muslim in the movie. The picture of the film actress was in fact taken from a clip of the movie in which the film actress covered her whole head like it has happening in Islam.

Funny video clip of the headlines of private news channel from the Bollywood industry was liked by many of the people despite of the fact that it was shared just for fun. Other actors of the film industry from the Bollywood who were reported to have sympathies with the Islam were the famous film actor Saif Ali Khan and the director of the film industry.

News of Katrina Kaif wishing to live her life according to Islam was something that many people wished for. Some of the men from the Muslim country wanted her to convert to Islam as this religion has been the religion of peace. The other character that was reported by the news channel to talk in favor of Muslims and Islam was director of the Indian film industry.

Film actress Katrina Kaif has been liked by many people in this country due to her acting skills and beauty. In Bollywood film industry she has been called up asked by lots of people about the funny video clip of headlines of news channel in which she was supposed to convert to Islam but she did not mind and described the reality.

Katrina Kaif Converts to Islam

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