Kashmiris Keep Calling Azan Despite of Getting Martyred

Calling Azan for offering prayer has been the important part for the Muslims all over the world. 13th of July has been remembered as a day for the Kashmiris martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their homeland in Kashmir. Kashmir has been the disputed territory since 16 March 1846. English men had occupied this land till 1846.

For calling Azan, twenty two Kashmiris were martyred on July 13, 1931. Kashmiris were protesting for their rights outside the court. At the same time it happened to be the time of prayer so all the Kashmiris present there for protest decided to offer prayer at the same place. The Indians did not want them to pray at the same place where the protest was being held.

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It turned out to be the biggest protest of the history of Kashmir. The most pathetic thing about this territory was that this land was sold in 16th March 1846 by the five hundred thousand pounds to the Indians. Since then this land has been occupied by the Indian Government and this part of Kashmir has been the known as the occupied Kashmir.

The Azan was started by the Kashmiris who were present for the protest. The Indians did not like it and they asked Kashmiris to not offer their prayer at that place. But the people of Kashmir were so depressed for their rights that they never compromised for not praying there.

Due to Azan which was continuously called by the people who were present for the protest, Indians started to martyr them and they martyred twenty two Kashmiris as they did not give up. But the process was not left incomplete and innocent people lost twenty two precious lives of their beloved. This was the day which was remembered for those Martyrs.

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