Kashmir Student Treats Police Near Manchester Hotels

Kashmir University near Manchester Hotels student of Kashmir treated the Indian police officer when he was doing bad acts with the girls when they were back from there college. The girls were stopped in Apartments and Resorts while they used Cheap Flights without any reason and were then harassed by the police officer. Indian police officer has been irritating the girls on the road and despite of their good behavior he kept on doing it.

The university students near Manchester Hotels then could not bear anymore and started to teach him lesson. The police officer was alone and had belief in him that he could defend himself. The girls then gathered near Apartments and Resorts using Cheap Flights around him and started to tell him the lesson of misbehaving with them. Girls got really irritated and beat him up with their full power. The police officer then started to call for help.

Video Link : http://paktelegraph.com/cczuy

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