Junaid Khan Yorkers Stuns World

Junaid Khan Yorkers Stuns World. Pakistan Cricket Team Surprises Army. Shoaib Malik, ex captain of Pakistan and husband of Indian Tennis Star Sania Mirza, caught with ladies in bar. He was enjoying party with few ladies and friends and probably he was in India at that time. The pictures of the party were leaked on different social media platforms and people bashed the cricketer on showing bad character with such repute.

On the occasion of marriage with Sania Mirza, Shoaib Malik was exposed on Indian media as he married to an Indian lady before this one and he did not announce it at all. At first the cricketer denied having married to any girl but later he accepted it and divorced the lady before marrying with Indian Tennis Star. He was involved in many scandals throughout his career.

The repute of Malik in cricket world has not been good for quite a while. His cricket career is full of scandals and still he persists with such behavior. PCB kept him away from national team for very long time due to his involvement in making groups within the team. However the all-rounder managed to come back in national squad and he performed in few matches as well.

Recently cricket lovers bashed Shoaib Malik again because they hear news about grouping in the team during ICC World T20 2016 and Malik was the leader of that group. He under performed in couple of crucial matches which green shirts lost and knocked out from the mega event in the first round. So people demanded life ban on few players including Malik.

After ICC World T20 2016, Shoaib Malik has not showed his appearance publicly due to anger of public. His leaked pictures with girls in bar again created trouble for the cricketer. Its up to cricket board to inquire about the matter and should punish him if he is involved in wrong activities.

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