Junaid Khan Surprises Umer Akmal

Junaid Khan Surprises Umer Akmal in the domestic competition that was played in Pakistan. Both the players have been the star for Pakistan cricket team. The bowler has been famous for his yorker in the shorter format in the death bowling. While Shahid Afridi was popular throughout the world for his big hitting. Shahid Afridi did not spare the fast bowler of Pakistan who was his team mate too. The crowd got entertained by the yorker of the fast bowler and the hitting of Shahid Afridi.

Umer Gul has been the top class bowler in Pakistan team in the fast bowler category. He has been the top wicket takers in the shorter format and performed really well. He was famous for his yorker bowling in the death over. On the other hand Shahid Afridi has earned his place in the cricket team as an all rounder cricketer.

Shahid Afridi never changed his style of batting throughout his cricketing career. He has hit all the bowlers in the world and never got scared of pace bowling. He used to be very aggressive in the domestic cricket competition. They both happened to face each other in the domestic match and that innings really attracted lots of cricket fans in the cricket stadium.

Umer Gul thought that he could get the world class cricketer out in his over but he was surprised when Shahid Afridi started hitting him in that over. Shahid Afridi hit him for the six on the very first ball and put him under pressure. The bowler had played lots of international matches still he was unable to contain the batting ability of Shahid Afridi.

Umer Gul bowled a yorker on the very first ball which he was known for. Shahid Afridi managed to block it but hit the next two deliveries.

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