Journalist Reveals Information to Intelligence Agency

Experience journalist revealed some important information to the intelligence agency in the live program when he gave some confidential information about some of the politicians. He told that some of the politicians have been trying to skip from the country as they were involved in the corruption cases. Corruption cases were registered against them but they never let the commission to proceed.

Information of Journalist was quite helpful for the intelligence agency and it was kind of confidential. The news about politicians was known to the Dr Shahid Masood turned out to be very important. The video in which Shahid Masood told some secrets went viral on the social media and people were really interested in the report and the proceedings about the politicians.

Corruptions cases were registered against many politicians but they never allowed any judge to continue with their proceedings since they affected the whole judicial report. For so many years money of the people that was collected through the taxes was corrupted by many politicians and people were unable to have accountability.

That journalist has worked for many years and got fame about his information that has been authentic. Intelligence agency had started action against those politicians who have been looting the money of the people and nobody was able to take any action against those men. Whenever there was any inquiry held against those corrupt politicians, they had affected the commission report.

News of journalist was quite helpful for the intelligence agency which had been keeping very close eye on the activities of those politicians. It has happened in the past when any judicial report came to the scene those people have come in the way of the report and never let it disclosed to the public. This time the news anchor revealed the information to the public about the politicians.

Journalist Leaks Information to Intelligence Agency

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