Journalist Gives Clue to Intelligence Agency

Famous journalist gave clue to the Intelligence agency in the live program about some important politicians running out of the country. Dr Shahid Masood has been doing a live program on the private news channel and in the last episode of the program he revealed some important information about the politicians.

Journalist told the anchor and the viewers that some of the famous politicians who have been involved in the corruption cases have been trying to flee from the country in the night. He wanted to tell reveal the secret to the intelligence agency so that they could keep an eye on the politicians. Some of the politicians in the country have been getting scared after one of important man was arrested.

Judicial committee released the commission report about the corruption of the politicians and the intelligence agency has started to catch them. Many corruption cases were registered against some of the politicians but nobody was able to continue any proceedings against them since they had strong connections with the judges.

The journalist has revealed some secrets about those corrupt politicians through his resources and his main purpose was to give the information to the intelligence agency so that it could continue catching some politicians who had played major role in the corruption. Dr Shahid Masood had shared his other information with the viewers.

According to journalist he has got the information about those politicians from his reliable resources and he had received some threats from the politicians and they said that there was no truth in such reports. On the other side the intelligence agency has kept an eye on the acts of the politicians and they knew after getting caught they might get penalized for corruption. The reports about corruption cases had jolted the whole community of politicians.

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