ISIS Sell Women For Fifty Dollars in Jordan

In Jordan the organization ISIS sold women whom they had captured earlier, for fifty dollars. The men who have been asking for auction for the sale of the women in veil started to announce for their auction. The women in veil were so scared since they were handcuffed by the men who were standing right behind them.

Video of Jordan was uploaded on the you tube channel and was watched by lots of people in that country and all around the world as well which showed the real face of that organization that has been talking about Islam that has nothing to do with their deeds. Islam has been the religion that has given respect to women more than any religion.

That organization had nothing to do with the religion Islam despite of the fact that they have been claiming to be the real Muslims. That organization’s claim about being real Muslims was rejected by many religious people all over the world when they were seen doing bad acts of selling women. People from all over the world had been denying the fact that Islam has nothing to do with that organization.

News of Jordan where the women were being sold for dollars in that much circumstances where they were being handcuffed and tortured raise many questions to the people who had belief that ISIS belonged to Muslim community.

Media of Jordan has also broken the news on the news channels when their reporter told the viewers that the organization has uploaded a video on the social media in which they have been doing cheap acts with the ladies in veil by announcing for their auctions. Scholars have denied the acts of that organization by saying that it was totally against Islam. People other than Islam were also amazed at that act.

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