Is Love Marriage Allowed to Girls in Islam?

Lots of people have this question in their minds if love marriage is allowed to girls in Islam. The answer to this question is that it is not permitted in Islam to love somebody before any girl gets married to the boy. Islam teaches that one girl should love the boy after she is married to him rather than loving him before she is married to him.

In Islam it is allowed to both man and women to choose their life partners for marriage. But both the girls and boys have to be in the limits what Islam has told them. They both can talk to each other for this purpose they need to have some third person along with them because they cannot be alone.

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It could be girl’s parents or sibling and same stands for boy as well. If any girl wants to marry a boy or any boy wants to marry someone then proper marriage proposal should be sent through the parents. The Prophet (PBUH) said four qualities should be considered of the persons who are supposed to be life partners.

Beauty, wealth, nobility and the most importantly virtue should be the criteria on which life partners should be chosen. They could have number of meetings in order to know the person who they are going to be married. But that does not mean that both the girls and boys should go out for outing or to watch any movie. They are supposed to obey Islam’s teachings only then they could live a life as guided by God then start loving the person you got married.

This clip would be the perfect example in which Dr. Zakir Naik has told the legal things likes of love before and after marriage, only by acting on such teachings one could live his married life as successful as they want to have. So, the weddings must be arranged according to Islamic preaching and values.

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