IPL Cheerleaders Exposing Real Face of Public

During recent IPL match, real face of Indian people got exposed by one of the cheerleaders when she complained about the attitude of the crowd that had come to watch the match. She complained that she had come here to cheer the public during the matches but in fact she along with her other cheerleaders have been treated badly by the crowd.

IPL cheerleaders told a renowned journalist about the attitude she had to face during the dance performance in between boundaries. She disclosed this information provided her name should not be told that might create problem for her and contract might be finished. She said that she belonged to a foreign country and has been badly treated by the crowd and the people here.

The ladies also told that during dance performance in IPL matches people have thrown different stuff from the stadium on them and they made fun of them. The most frustrating part is that she cannot even object to the attitude of the crowd during matches. Otherwise her contract might be finished by the organizers. She said that if the crowd and the Indian people do not change their attitude then she might not come afterwards in this region.

The IPL cheerleaders told that she and her many friends who have been entertaining public here in the matches, have graduate degrees from their native countries. They all came here just for the sake of jobs and were assured to have first class accommodation during their stay. But they all got shocked when they had to live in third class rooms having cockroaches all around.

Huge investment is involved in IPL match just to entertain the crowd. Their purpose is to generate more revenue from these matches. The organizers have paid huge money to all the overseas cricketers. So they can only get their investment back with profit in their pockets when they provide entertainment to the crowd.

Video Link : http://paktelegraph.com/4eTIv

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