IPL Cheerleaders Expose Real Face of India

One of the cheerleaders belonged to foreign country exposed real face of India during the ongoing IPL matches. She along with her other colleagues had a deal with Indian Premier League organizers to cheerlead for the current season. They were offered first class accommodation services during their stay in hotels as well.

IPL Cheerleaders were supposed to keep the crowd motivated and provide them the entertainment with wee bit of dance steps whenever there was any scoring shot played. This trend of cheering the crowd was introduced in South Africa during their domestic matches. Purpose was that the crowd who take their time out to relax and enjoy the sport should not feel boredom during their stay in stadium.

But during these ongoing matches, one of the cheerleaders exposed the real face of the Indian people. She reported that whenever they come to stage to perform on the scoring runs or any other activity during IPL match, the crowd started to harass and kept on staring at them. That really made them upset while dancing. She complained that people called them with bad names and also made different faces that irritated them.

These cheerleaders have been introduced during the IPL match to entertain public and motivate them to support their favorite teams. These cheerleaders have become girls who are present there just to keep the people happy during matches. They complained that at times those people just stared them rather than watching cricket that were quite irritating for them.

The IPL cheerleaders asked to not to disclose her name and showed the real face of Indian organizers. She told that she with her other cheerleaders had a deal of first class accommodation but they have been living in a third class rooms. She said that she is a graduate and her other colleagues are also graduates from foreign countries but for money they had to do this shameful acts.

IPL Cheerleaders Exposing Real Face of Indian Public

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