IPL Cheerleader Arrested in Hotel for Shameful Act

IPL Cheerleader got arrested for her shameful act in a hotel in Mumbai. The incident exposed the immoral activity of the female young lady who was cheer leading the ongoing premier league. The young lady had been working for that immoral work for quite some time with the help of another old lady who also exposed by the police.

The young IPL Cheerleader was selected for this cheer leading role for the Indian Premier League during a reality show. In that reality show five ladies were selected for this job. This lady who was caught for doing shameful act in the five star hotels was contracted by the Kolkata Knight riders. She was being paid for cheer leading during the sixes, fours and wickets of the respective cricket team.

Video Link : http://paktelegraph.com/?p=724

Whenever there was any successful shots were hit, the young lady who was hired for cheer leading: started doing dances for motivating the team of Kolkata knight riders. That cheer girl used to show her different attractive dance steps to get the attention of the spectators and the team members. A cheer girl who was hiding her face was seen in a video that was aired on the news channels.

IPL cheerleader was found doing shameful act in a hotel and was caught by the police of a city in India. The policemen also claimed that they have caught her other partners too. She was waiting for her customer in the famous hotel when the policemen raided and caught her with her partner too.

During IPL match, policemen were told that a cheer girl has been doing some immoral act in a private hotel. So some men from police department disguised themselves as the clients of that lady for doing shameful acts in the nights. They had decided the expenses for a whole night pleasure. That cheer leader was then caught when the police of that city raided.

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