Innocent Girl Gets Harassed by Fake Peer

Shocking news of Fake Peer harassing a pious girl got viral on the social media. The incident was brought to the public by the famous TV anchor Iqrar Hassan who has been famous for his research work of realities of ill deeds happening at the moment. This time he investigated a little girl of seventeen years of age who was blackmailed and harassed by a fifty years old man who was supposed to cure her.

The Fake Peer was asked by innocent girl’s father for curing his daughter as she was not feeling quite well. The people belonged to backward areas of different cities trust very much on these fake doctors. These sorts of people did not have any study and never even recited the sacred book Quran. Yet they make innocent people believe that they could cure people by spiritual ways.

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The old man did shameful acts with the innocent girl though he was very close friend of girl’s father and in fact called up by him for treatment of her disease by spiritual ways. But instead of doing that he acted cheaply and took his friend’s girl to her room by telling his friend that he was going to treat her. The old man then forcefully filmed her and threatened her for leaking her videos to everyone if she did not keep it secret.

Fake Peer did not just limit it to filming her videos, he continued to harass and blackmailed her by asking her to marry him. The innocent girl could not tell it to her father or brother about what that old man did to her. But she had to break her silence and told her brother about the whole incident and went to register a FIR against that man.

Fake Peer had good relations with the police men and bribed them. The police men did not do justice to the poor lady and instead they asked for money to not to leak out the videos to others. The little girl did not leave with any other option than to come to the TV reporter Iqrar Hassan. Then he investigated the whole incident and went to the police station. He could not get justice for the young girl despite of having solid proofs.

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