Indian Tennis Star Adjusts Her Slipping Dress in Public

The famous tennis star of India, Sania Mirza had quite awkward moments during the media talk. The embarrassing thing which bothered her was her dress which kept on slipping from the top part of her body near neck. The fitting of the dress was so loose that she had to adjust it on number of times that embarrassed her big time.

Indian Tennis star had become quite popular these days as she had come to the number one position in this sport in the females. It was very proud moment for the female player and also for her country as well. Due to the increasing fame of the player, many clothing brands wanted her to wear their dresses in the conferences and public appearances.

The cameramen also noticed this thing and they also kept on focusing her dress. The video of the embarrassing incident got viral on the internet particularly on the social media. Many news channels also reported this incident as funny one for the sake of their channel’s ranking.

The Indian tennis star has been quite active in the newspapers and in the news channels as well due to the rise in her fame. The dressing brand of that dress was quite popular in the market but this time Sania Mirza did not feel quite comfortable after wearing that dress and felt awkward during the time she spent in that media talk.

The female tennis star also liked the dresses of that brand too but after wearing this dress she had to change her views about that clothing brand. She also knew it that due to her public meetings and media talks she had to look very decent. Many actresses have been seen wearing such dresses which were not decent while in public appearances but Sania Mirza being the wife of a cricketer had to take care of such things.

Indian Tennis Star Awkward Moment

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