Indian Military Exposed by Media

Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir have been carrying freedom struggle against Indian military since 1947. Some of the men belong to Indian army had done brutal acts for executing poor Kashmiris, harassing girls and punishing innocent children for no reason. A lady who went to bazaar for shopping was harassed by soldier of army.

Kashmir has been tug of war between the two countries India and Pakistan. Indian military had occupied this land way back in 1947 when partition took place. People of that occupied territory always wanted to be part of Pakistan since they believe they do not belong to India. They have been fighting for their freedom since that partition time.

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Many documentaries have been made to expose the real face of Indian state that claim to be harmless to the Muslims there. They have been abducting Kashmiri leadership for destroying the movement of the freedom fighters. Even the children, women and old Muslims could not escape from the cruel behavior of the army men.

So-called free and fair elections were also held by Indian under the influence of Indian military which were never accepted by the residents of occupied land. Pakistan has played their part many times by raising the questions over the invasion of army men sent the so-called secular state of India. Even foreign media has also showed evidences of brutal acts with the people of Kashmir.

This video got viral on the social media all over the world in which a lady was punishing the Indian military soldier as she was harassed by him in bazaar. The girl started to punish her on the middle of the road and one of her friends made the clip of the incident. Later that soldier was also punished by his officers in front of same girl. The act of Indian army soldier against him helped reducing the anger of girl.

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