Indecency Gets Promoted in Colleges

Some private colleges were seen organizing events to promote culture of Pakistan but instead of promoting true cultural event they have been promoting vulgarity. The news was reported by the news channels when it reported the event of the institution in which male and female students were dancing like they have been enjoying dance parties.

Private colleges instead of showing the true culture of Pakistan promoted vulgar dance in the name of promotion of Pakistani culture. Some of the students including boys and girls were wearing dresses that have been worn in different parts of the country. It was quite shocking that some of the students including boys and girls were dancing with each other as it has been happening in the movies.

The video got viral as boys and girls were dancing like they have been attending a dance party. Foreign music was being played in the back ground while the students kept on dancing with each other despite of the fact that this thing never promoted the culture of Pakistan.

Management of colleges did not regret of such events when asked and complained by many people as they were promoting Indian cultures rather than Pakistani culture. The management of the institution had its own school of thought as it believed that the dance party was organized at the end of the event so that the student could relax a bit.

Private colleges for the sake of their earning have been spoiling new generation as their main purpose has been to earn rather than educate the young students. Co-education system has been promoted in many private universities and institutions and they have been trying to become very liberal but they have been ruining the new generation just on the name Pakistani culture.

Immoral Dance Gets Promoted in Colleges

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