Incident Near Paradise Hotel Surprises World

Incident near the Paradise Hotel surprised everyone when two youngsters were attacked by the crazy elephant on their way through the forest. The forest had some roads that lead towards the university,  so they had to choose the same path. Despite of the fact that the were built between the forest where animals were living,were offered.

Due to the road towards Paradise hotel was so silent that there was not anyone traveling other than the people on the motor cycle. Although they could ride the bike with more speed but the elephant attacked them from the front and they did not have any time to respond quickly ant turn the motorcycle back. They managed to get off the bike and run backwards. The  that were close to the forest had all the facility. They managed to get the  packages including  before the elephant could attack them.

Video Link :

Paradise Hotel management also hired some security staff members to protect all the guest from getting followed by different animals from the forest since it never looked like  due to the and spa areas .

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