Incident Happens Behind the Camera

Incident Happens Behind the Camera. News anchor of the private news channel reacted quite strangely during live news on the channel. Her reaction really surprised the viewers when they switched on the TV and watched the breaking news. The incident happened on the private news channel when she was reporting live from the studio. She was reporting on the incident of aircraft that was destroyed by Turkey.

News anchor was reporting from the other studio that had new technology and it felt like as if she was standing in the fields where the aircraft shot down by the army of Turkey. The aircraft was owned by the Russia which was supposed to take action against some bad people but it violated the area of Turkey. According to the laws Turkey could have hit down any aircraft that crossed their territory.

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The incident looked real through the new technology which showed unbelievably real the viewers. Other people who were giving breaking news from the other studio also were quite shocked at the reaction of that lady. She had been reporting for quite some time and got to know the different techniques to attract the viewers.
News Anchor acted same as the aircraft fell down near her on the ground. The producer of the News channel decorated the studio in that way it looked very real. Modern techniques have been introduced recently by the channels and they have been competing with each other since it has become the era of media. Another technology that was used by other news channel also surprised and shocked viewers.

Male news anchor on that channel was made to be looked in the same studio with the help of the technology while in real he was sitting in another city. That technology also amazed the people. This recent activity used by the producer of the channel was liked by many viewers and they showed the incident of aircraft in the real manner.

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