In Jordan Organisation Sell Women

Jordan :Women were on auction surprised the people all over the world when ISIS shared a video on the social media when they were seen selling the women in veil to the public by announcing their auction. The women were in veil and were handcuffed by the organization that has been known to foreigners as extremists.

Muslims of Jordan were also shocked to see such bad act with the women in veil and they told the media that the organization has been totally against the preaching of Islam since Islam has given respect to women more than any other religion. Scholars all over the world condemned the incident of ladies in veil were being auctioned where many young boys were also there.

The video really shocked the people all over the world and they said that such video has been uploaded by people other than Muslims to destroy the image of Islam. Islam has always given the respect to women more than any other religions in the world and the people who claimed to be acting on the principles of Islam have tried to sabotage the values of Islam.

People of Jordan never believed such people to be real Muslims since their acts have shown that they have been working against the teachings of Islam. The news went viral on the social media when this video was watched all over the world. Many people were present there for the auction of the slave girls which have been enslaved by those people claiming to be Muslims.

Jordan has been one of the states of Islam where that organization ISIS has done cheap acts with the people. They were really annoyed with the organization that has nothing to do with the religion of Islam. All  the women in veil cried really hard and wanted to be rescued from there but nobody came to help.

Women on Auction

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