Imran Khan Remarries

Imran Khan remarried for the third time. The news was shared on the social media that took the attention of so many people. He has been the most talked about politician of Pakistan. His early marriages could not be prolonged and both of his previous wives separated from him. This time as per sources, he married to a lady of his own family.

Imran Khan however did not give any comments about the authenticity of the news. His very good friend who has been the representative of his party, denied such news. Another journalist who earlier broke the news of his second marriage, also said the same thing.

The leader of the political party gave an interview to the foreign media channel in which he gave some hints about getting married again. In a recent interview to the private news channel, the former captain of the Pakistan cricket team also hinted about getting married for the third time. Social media has busted about his marriage.

The sources said that this marriage has been an arranged one since his second marriage was not held with the consent of his sisters and close family friends. The leader of the political party was very much planning to make his mind in the interview about his marriage.

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