Morning Show Host Discusses Immoraly

Morning show hosted by Sanam Baloch had an immoral discussion that shocked people and they were really annoyed after watching it. Female host of the program had invited another male host of the private channels Fahad Mustafa who had hosted many programs. The female hosted also invited people who had studied astronomy.

The morning show was disliked by the viewers when the female host of the show started to ask those men about the birth of the babies of Fahad Mustafa. Despite of the fact that Fahad Mustafa was blessed with a beautiful daughter, the host of the program Sanam Baloch started to ask those two people about the birth of the son of the guest.

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Fahad Mustafa was feeling quite shy since he never talked to anybody about the wish of his off springs. The guests of the program who had studied astronomy and had quite knowledge of stars, said that according to their study he might be blessed with baby boy in the near future. Fahad Mustafa also started talking some immoral discussion.

Discussion of morning show surprised people who had been watching the program. They said that the female host of the program should not have discussed such personal matters of Fahad Mustafa since it’s their personal matter. The video also went viral on the social media and was watched by his family members also who asked Fahad Mustafa to abstain from such discussion on the public forum.

Morning show recently had started to introduce some discussion which should not have been held since the program has been watched by many viewers with their family members. Sanam Baloch had worked in the showbiz industry for acting and recently she had started to host the programs. Fahad Mustafa had also acted in the dramas and then later on he started to host programs in the early morning.

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