Human Rights Protest by Doctors in Hospitals

Human Rights Protest by Doctors in Hospitals when World needed human rights protection all over the world not only in some parts of the world. Some documentaries have been aired on private news channels where the kids did not get the same attention what they really deserved and pleaded for their existence. World health organization also has not been focusing the children all over the world.

Doctors Protested outside hospitals for Human rights were granted by the law of nature and Law of nature never expected any differentiation between the gender. Some of the countries of Europe have been misconducting with the gender and racism thing. The video that was shared, showed that some of the children of the world did not get proper attention.

Some of the kids of rich families have been enjoying whole weekend on the beaches and resorts while some of the poor children did not have that luxurious life. The Britain media also cared about those children and raised their issue in the world health organization program. The program was intended for the justice for all the people all over the world.

Human Rights in hospitals by doctors plans were being carried out by some of the NGOs run under the world health program and they did fantastic job which should have been done by the world health organizers.

Poor Children

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